Use Our Oil To Make Wax Dipped Bears

Waxed Teddy Bears are one of the hottest new craft trends around! They make great gifts, addition to gift baskets, and they sell great in gift shops! Just set these loveable critters on a non-staining surface in your home, and enjoy the fragrance in the air when you walk by them!

These bear air fresheners work great in bathrooms, kids rooms, offices, etc!
The perfect gift for House Warming, Valentine's Day, Baby Showers, Birthdays or any holiday!
Tip: 1 pound of wax will do approx. one larger bear or two smaller bears.

The "Bear" Necessities:
Stuffed Teddy Bear or other animal
1 lb. Pillar or Hurricane Wax (IGI 1343 is the most popular wax for bear dipping! Available at both BC & BCS!)
1.5 oz fragrance oil
Presto Pot
Thick Rubber Gloves w/ Lining
Drying Rack
Large Tooth Comb or fork
Small Doll Stand

Melt wax in the Presto Pot to about 170 - 190 degrees. With white or light colored bears no dye is required, but on darker colored bears you may want to add dye to match the color. This will cut down on the white wax "dandruff" later. Add your fragrance, and stir.

Next, dip the bear (use tongs to dip and roll him in the wax), pull him out and squeeze out a bit of the excess wax. You'll want to wear thick, lined rubber gloves to protect your hands when you do this, as the wax is very hot!

Now it's time to comb and fluff! Some people prefer to lay a rack across the top of the pot to set the bear on, letting excess wax drip into the pot. Jan (who helped with this article) prefers to hang her bears on a hanging chain to comb: "I have a hook in my ceiling directly above the pot, with a chain hanging down, with a big clamp on the end. I clamp the ear of the teddy and do my combing. It is so much easier to comb when its hanging, rather than laying."

She then puts the teddy on a doll stand (small sized) with the clamp of the stand around the neck. This helps keep the bear from falling over while you're posing him, and allows you to position him just the way you want him to look (head tilted, etc).

Bear Tips:

Jointed bears seem to work best, but any sitting bear will do.
Also, the longer haired bears work better for fluffing than short hairs.
The most common sizes used are from 6" to about 10".
Better quality bears will hold up better to hot wax... some cheaper glued bears can fall apart, so keep this in mind when bear shopping, and when melting your wax! Our BC bears are high quality bears that hold up to temps up to 190 with no problem.
You can dip other types of stuffed animals besides bears too!
White bears can discolor with some fragrance oils! Try to use oils that are clear or very light in color on white or pastel bears.
Average 6 - 10" bears sell for anywhere from $15.00 to $30.00 retail! (depending on your area, the quality of the bear, and the decorating and packaging of the final product, average seems to be around $20.00). That's a great profit when you are only paying $4 or $5 per bear!
Pre warn customers that the bears will naturally lose scent over time, and that since they sit at room temperature, naturally they cannot "throw" scent as well as a potpourri burner or similar. They will need to refresh their bear every few weeks or so. You could even sell bottles of refresher oil (fragrance & DPG) for them to sprinkle on their bear when they're warming him with their blow dryer!
Bear Care:
Do not set waxed bears on wood surfaces as the oils in the wax can stain the wood!
These are not toys, keep out of the reach of children!
These are not candles and are not meant to be burned!
To refresh your bear, simply use a blow dryer to heat him for approx. 1 minute.
Creative Decorating & Packaging Ideas:
Try adding a little glitter or mica to the wax for a sparkle bear!
Tie some colored ribbon around his neck to match the different holidays (red or green for Christmas, red or pink for Valentine's Day, etc).
For a primitive bear, use homespun fabric for a ribbon, and hang rusty bells from his neck for Christmas!
Use a paper punch & tie a card on your bear!
Bears look great packaged in a clear cello bag tied with ribbon, raffia, twine or yarn!

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