How To Make Incense

Mix 1 part fragrance oil to 2 or 3 parts solvent liquid (DPG), and stir well. Do not use alcohol in place of DPG, it does not work well. Do not use straight fragrance oil as it will make excessively smokey incense! Any of our fragrance oils can be used for incense, regardless of flash point or soap/lotion safety, etc. Soak incense in scent mixture for 24 hours in a glass or HDPE plastic container. Soaking takes patience, but is necessary to allow the incense to fully absorb the oil. A shallow glass baking pan works well to lay sticks in and submerge in the oil. Or you can soak the sticks while still bundled in a tall glass vase or cylinder. For cones, a glass bowl works well. After soaking, pour the leftover oil mixture into a glass or HDPE plastic bottle, such as our fragrance bottles, for storage. You can use this again to make more incense, it doesn't go to waste! Lay the cones or sticks out on a screen or drying rack with several layers of paper towel underneath to soak up any drips. Or if your sticks are still bundled, you can hang them to dry on a hook with paper towel underneath. Be sure to put them where they will get air flow to help them dry (you may use a fan to speed the process). Do not bake the incense in an oven or microwave to dry it! Incense must be allowed to dry completely for at least 48 hours before burning. If incense is still wet or damp, it will not burn properly! Be patient and allow it to dry fully before using for best results. Cones tend to take a little longer than sticks because of their thickness. Note: It is also important that you make sure the incense is totally dry with no wet or damp spots before packaging in plastic bags or tubes, etc! Fragrance oils are very strong and can melt or eat through many types of plastic! 16 oz. of scent mixture should make approx. 500 or more sticks or cones. Properly made, fully dried incense should burn for approximately 45 minutes to over 1 hour. Incense is very popular and a great seller at flea markets, craft booths, etc, especially with the younger crowd! Most people package their incense in bags of 20 sticks or cones, usually selling for about a dollar or more. That's about 3 to 4 times your cost, a great profit! Let the customers mix and match, they love a variety! You may also want to offer a bulk package of 100 for a savings to your customers, and more volume sales for you! For a professional looking package, try printing your own "labels" on Avery business cards, and fold the card over top of your bag and staple it. Use a hole punch to make a hole in the top of the card to hang on a rack. <

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